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Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update Volatility July 5th and July 7th

Over the past few days, we’ve talked within the SEO community about the variability and variability of Google search ranking algorithms. This is because Google’s search results have been relatively calm for over a week.

Talking picked up in WebmasterWorld And in the comments section from my last Google update story on June 28th, it has skyrocketed in the last few days-some chatter is even bigger on July 5th, and today on July 7th. I did.

In addition, some tools have begun to significantly increase the volatility of Google search over the last 24 hours.

SEO chatter

Here are some of the chats:

Interestingly, it switched on at 06.00 this morning and turned off two hours ago tonight at 18.00. Please note that this is noon / afternoon US time. The roller coaster will continue even when the car is stopped.

Years ago I seemed to remember a major update, the whole plex went skiing and everything was terribly wrong, these days it seems like a standard MO

Today’s huge drop …

With every holiday or big event, they tend to deploy more anti-web features on SERP pages and want to be able to hide behind the holiday / news headlines.

This decline is partly related to July 4th, but is most often a direct result of anti-web changes to SERP pages.

Overnight, US traffic suddenly dropped sharply … this morning it started to drop 76%. Traffic to my homepage was -33% yesterday and -44% today.I was stable in the rankings and got some new terms, but the traffic literally disappeared

Traffic and SERP seem to be very confusing. Currently, the search is not stopped. What I find most strange is that our personal movements no longer reflect the movements of others. There are days when the sensor is quiet, but there is a lot of movement.

It’s 16.00 on my Google day, but it looks fine. PV, unique, source … let’s see how long this lasts.

And more …

Google tracking tool

This is what some tracking tools are showing as of this morning.


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Advanced web ranking:

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Semrush -As a reminder, they adjusted the sensor, but you can still see the spikes:

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Rank ranger:

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See if Mozcast and Rank Ranger will show further changes later today …

Have you noticed any major changes in the last day or so?

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