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Google says workers can relocate ‘without justification’ after Supreme Court ruling

Google will allow employees to move between states in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling. overthrow Roe – Wade. in an e-mail received by BoundaryFiona Cicconi, the company’s managing director, said workers “can apply for wrongful relocation” and that those handling the claims “will be aware of the situation”. Cicconi also reminded employees that Google’s employee benefits plan covers medical procedures that are not available in the state where they live and work.

“This is a profound change for the country that has deeply affected many of us, especially women,” Cicconi says in the email. “Everyone will respond in their own way, whether it’s time and space to commit, speaking, volunteering outside of work, not wanting to argue at all, or something else entirely.”

Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe – Wade as part of the decision Dobbs – Jackson Women’s Health Organization abolished the constitutional right to abortion. according to a analysis published by New York Times In May, 28 states may ban or severely restrict access to abortion in the days and weeks ahead. In some states, such as Texas, the so-called trigger laws It’s in place, which took effect immediately after Friday’s decision.

The effects of such a major shift in American politics were felt across technology. Just hours after the Supreme Court announced its decision, Flo, one of the most widely used period-tracking apps, said it would introduce a new “anonymous mode” after the decision in response to privacy concerns. Some companies, such as Meta reportedly told employees not to openly discuss the decision.

Update 4:57 PM ET: Google has verified the authenticity of the email and Engadget It has not changed its relocation policy since the Supreme Court decision.

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