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Google says they are communicating about more algorithm updates

Another point of Google NYC SEO Meetup the other day is that Google’s Danny Sullivan said that Google is more actively communicating about algorithm updates than ever before. According to Danny, Google keeps in touch with algorithm updates more often, so it feels there are far more updates than before.

Danny’s story was a summary of his Google blog post Here But it adds a lot of SEO humor.

Lily Ray tweeted this comment:

Oh yeah, Google has told me more about Google’s updates. It was interesting because Danny referred to one of my stories about too many updates.

However, Danny said Google would deliberately start and stop these larger updates so they wouldn’t overlap. “When possible, we’re working on releasing different types of updates individually, so we can better understand the changes in our creators,” Danny said earlier.

Similarly, I had to create this infographic once to plot all the updates that Google communicated. This wasn’t all.

Click on full size

At some point, Google is making more updates. It was confirmed by Danny later in his talk. In other words, Google made 5,000 updates in 2021, 4,500 updates in 2020, 3,200 updates before that, and so on. Yes, Google is doing more “updates”, but Google defines updates.

Yes, there are more updates, but Google is also in touch with more updates.

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