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German traffic watchman says 59,000 Tesla cars affected by security bug

Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt traffic regulator is urging Tesla to recall more than 59,000 vehicles due to a software issue. On June 29, KBA posted a notice on its website notifying Model Y and 3 owners of a bug in the eCall security system in these vehicles. . The glitch prevents the vehicle from automatically calling first responders in the event of a serious accident.

KBA said the problem affected 59,129 vehicles worldwide, including Model Y crossovers manufactured at the automaker. German media first reported the announcement on Saturday.

Before this week, three of the 11 recalls Tesla released this year included a software bug. Recently, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a recall involving an approximate malfunction that could cause the infotainment system to overheat in 2021 and 2022 Tesla cars. In the vehicle deliveries made on Saturday, news of a new safety issue comes after Tesla.

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