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‘Genshin Impact’ Summer Fantasia update coming July 13

Hoyoverse will come out Genshin Effect The next big content update on July 13, the studio . Dubbed “Summer Fantasia,” version 2.8 will re-present the Golden Apple Archipelago, a region Hoyoverse has redesigned to add new plot lines and challenges for players to complete. By completing the included missions, you’ll have the chance to recruit Fischl, a four-star playable character, into your party for free.

Also, as part of the game’s upcoming Resonating Visions event, you’ll have the chance to collect conch shells, which you can then exchange for an outfit for Fischl. Bullets will also reveal more of the game’s story. The update also adds sailing challenges that you can complete with your friends and a new playable character named Shikanoin Heizou. Hoyoverse describes it this way: Genshin’s first melee catalyst user. Shikanoin can deal extra damage to enemies hit by basic attacks.

additional content for Effect of the Wide It’s one of the few projects Hoyoverse is currently working on. In the past weeks, the studio has announced that it is developing two new games. and . Neither game has a release date yet, but you can sign up to beta test the previous one on PC and iOS.

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