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Games Done Quick bans fast-running scammers from future events

Banned a speedrunner from future events after admitting to cheating during last week’s marathon. It turned out that the Russian player Mekarazium completed Metal Gear Rising: Revenge Expansion in a world record time. Instead of the live game, Mekarazium showed a pre-recorded video put together using parts of the individual runs. They reacted to the images in real time to sell the trick.

While the Summer Games Done Quick first took place as a face-to-face event, some speedrunners participated remotely. Mecasarium was one of those who let them cheat. reports. The player initially stepped up the main campaign. MGR: Revenge in an apparently legitimate run before undertaking knife wolf DLC after a charitable donation goal is met.

However, viewers knife wolf the game. Some noted that there were hardly any audible instances of Mekarazium pressing keys on the keyboard (which can be heard while playing the main game). Although Mekarazium claims to control the mouse with their other hand, their characters raise their right hand as they look around.

Mekarazium also downplayed the record-breaking aspect of their run after the event. You would think a speed runner would be content to beat the world’s best time with 25 seconds.

knife wolf DLC run incentive is a pre-recorded, segmented work paid for people,” Mekarazium said in a message obtained by the GDQ implementation team. PCGamesN. “It was supposed to be a real-time run, but I changed my mind at the last second after changing the saves.”

Mekarazium said that they wanted to show Turkey’s potential. knife wolf to run. However, they apologized and admitted that they had done “something really bad”. They were also concerned about the impact on other speedrunners. “I was selfish and didn’t take more time to think about others,” they added.

“Yesterday, we learned that Mekazarium played a segmented video for the DLC run in Summer Games Done Quick 2022,” GDQ told Engadget. “Mekazarium has since acknowledged this to both some members of the community and directly to the GDQ staff. He contacted our staff with a document showing that he had been planning this for over a month and that it was planned and deliberate.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and seeks to undermine the integrity of the sprint community that we love and support,” added GDQ. “The exact result they wanted wasn’t clear in the document, but it’s clear they believe we wouldn’t be willing to do so. Talk about their behavior. However, we believe it’s in the community’s interest to know why this run was removed by GDQ. We’ve removed the runs of Mekazarium from our YouTube archive and will not allow them to be published in the future.”

The incident leaves an unfortunate stain on another largely successful GDQ event. Speed ​​Runners and trackers for Doctors Without Borders. However, there were other hiccups as well. Some runs took longer than expected, which caused the organizers to show up from the program. However, on the last day they found room to add an extra Pokémon game in a bid. .

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