Email Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Contents of the newsletter

A content newsletter is a newsletter that provides 100% pure value.

The value can be in the form of a handful of hints. Or links to useful resources. Or a personal story.

The exact type of value does not matter. As long as you don’t throw anything away, all is well.

In fact newsletters of pure value are so rare that your subscribers will love you for them.

For example, some time ago I sent out this newsletter:

How to create content - Email

(A few tips on copywriting.)

And dozens of people responded to my email to say thank you.

Replies to emails

Here is the template:

Contents of the newsletter

An intriguing thematic line

Use a topic that will make someone interested in what is in your message.

For example, I used the topic “How I got 45.5% more traffic (in 7 days)” for one of my newsletters. And this letter received 32.3% openness.

How I Got Traffic - Topic

A bold discovery

Start your newsletter with something SUPER convincing.

This way, you immediately hook your reader.

Personally, I like to start with a mini-story.

Backlinko - personal email history

But you can also use a simple introduction that shows what’s next.

Backlinko email is a simple introduction

It works anyway.

Valuable content

Now it’s time to deliver the goods.

If you don’t know what to write here, I recommend going with a list of 3-5 effective tips that people can take advantage of on this day.

Otherwise, you can teach your subscribers an important lesson in the form of a story.

Email Backlinko - History

Or find links to content that will help your reader achieve a certain result, for example, from this newsletter Ramit Sethi.

Email links


No, you do not publish anything in your newsletter.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss your call to action.


How can you use CTA if your email has 100% value?

Well, when I send a story to subscribers, I use a CTA that asks people to respond or accept.

CTA will end

Or let’s say you just sent out a list of links to Paleo breakfast recipes.

Your CTA may be trying one of the recipes this week.

The type of CTA you use is not so important.

The main thing is to always include CTA in your newsletters.

So when you do something, your subscribers are not taken by surprise.

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