DIY Tip: You can now buy official Pixel repair parts from iFixit


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Google has partnered with iFixit to provide official parts and guides for repairing the Pixel smartphone lineup. This means that if you drop or crack the screen, the rear camera doesn’t work, or you need to replace the battery, you can have it repaired at home instead of taking it to a repair shop.

Google first publication The repair program dates back to April, and after a short wait, the official deployment of the program publication At the end of June.

The parts are Pixel 2 finished Pixel 6 It is a reasonable price.For example, a replacement repair kit The Pixel 5a battery costs $ 49.99.. It includes all the tools needed for repairs, not just the battery.

This means you don’t have to look for a small screwdriver with the right size tip or a suction cup to help lift the back from your phone. It all comes with it. If you don’t need the tools, you can order just the parts for about $ 13 less than the list price.

If you have the latest Google smartphones like the Pixel 6, you can: Repair the screen for $ 126.99..

Pixel 6 Screen Repair Guide

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In addition to all the tools and parts you need, iFixit has a step-by-step guide to the repair process. However, repairing your smartphone is not suitable for the timid. Take the time to follow the guide as you will be dealing with small parts and cables. Also, if you feel uneasy about repairs, we recommend that you take them to a repair shop and pay an additional fee to ask a specialist for repairs.

I fix There are also many other Android phones and Apple repair kits iPhone.. However, not all are officially licensed by the original manufacturer, as is the case with Pixel parts.

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Watch the video here: DIY Tip: You can now buy official Pixel repair parts from iFixit

DIY Tip: You can now buy official Pixel repair parts from iFixit