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Daily Search Forum Recap: November 23, 2022

Let’s recap what happened in search forums today through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Believe it or not, many SEOs still guest post links. Google’s John Mueller talked about subdomains. Google has listed the supported languages ​​for SeekToAction key moment markup. Glenn Gabe posted in detail about the changes to Google Discover due to the product integration. Bing promotes his TikTok in search results. Google Maps is testing a new sidebar navigation feature.

The story of the search engine roundtable:

  • Poll: Many SEOs Are Still SEO Guest Posts
    A poll by Marie Haynes shows that many SEOs still guest post for SEO purposes. The survey had over 400 responses and only 44% of her respondents said they don’t use guest posts for SEO reasons. 32% said they did and 12% said they sometimes do.
  • Google’s John Mueller on when to use subdomains
    Just when you thought Google’s John Mueller was done answering your subdomain SEO question, yes – now there’s a new social platform – John is Mastodon, posting content to the main www. I mentioned when to use subdomains instead. .
  • Google Discover changes ‘More Recommendations’ label to ‘More Products’
    Back in March, I posted about “More Recommendations” in Google Discover. A call to action appears after researching a product on Google Search and is part of a “task dashboard” that contains a large amount of content (including articles, videos, product comparison features, etc.) to help users continue researching the product. be connected.
  • Bing promotes TikTok in search results
    Microsoft Bing appears to promote TikTok video results within Bing search results. When you search for some videos, Bing may add a box to the left of the video search results box called “X Short Videos” with a “From TikTok” button.
  • Google Key Moments SeekToAction markup supports 12 languages
    Google’s main event is the ability for Google Search to highlight sections of videos through a chapter-like interface. Google has added support for his SeekToAction markup for videos on the site. This allows you to use SeekToAction markup to tell the key moments (timestamps) that Google will show on your video in his 2021 Google search. Google currently documents 12 languages ​​supported by SeekToAction structured data. .
  • Google Maps tests new sidebar navigation
    Google is testing a new thin sidebar navigation on the left side of the maps interface. The sidebar has a Google Maps pin icon,[探索]There are tabs, trips, saved places, posts, and other icons.

  • google button game cake
    Here’s an old photo re-shared on Instagram by a Google employee from the Google Zurich office. I think this is some kind of game cake, but I think it’s probably the game that many of you know and think about.

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