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Daily Search Forum Recap: November 22, 2022

Let’s recap what happened in search forums today through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Google has now documented the ranking updates/systems they use and some notable ones that have been deprecated.Google has also added a new search spam policy named Policy Avoidance. Gary Illyes of Google asked for URLs that were found and not indexed when they should be indexed. According to Google, mobile He’s First He’s the last batch of unindexed sites to be migrated soon. Google AdSense has launched a new rewarded ad gate beta program.

The story of the search engine roundtable:

  • Updating Google Docs search rankings as a system.Live or Archived Labels Notable Algorithms
    Google has published a new document named Guide to the Google Search Ranking System. This document outlines some of the “notable” ranking updates currently being performed in Google Search, as well as some past updates that have either been retired or have been incorporated into other algorithms.
  • Google’s New Spam Policy: Policy Evasion
    Google has added a new spam policy to circumvent the policy. A new section has been added to Google’s spam policy document, basically stating that you can be punished for trying to circumvent Google’s spam policy.
  • Google wants examples of discovered URLs that should be indexed – not currently indexed
    Gary Illyes is back on Mastodon instead of Twitter.He asked for examples of URLs that he thinks should be indexed, but are currently not indexed by Google Search Console.[発見済み]status is displayed.
  • Google: final batch of sites moving to mobile-first indexing coming soon
    Again, Google’s John Mueller said that the last batch of sites still indexed using the desktop index will be migrated to mobile-first indexing “soon.” John said on Twitter this morning:
  • Google AdSense Rewarded Ad Gate Beta
    Google AdSense is testing a new ad type for publishers called the Rewarded Ad Gate beta program. This program, which Google has incorporated into his AdMob, essentially allows it to serve longer-form ads, and even replayable ads, to its more “loyal” visitors.

  • Stan, Google’s Patriotic Dinosaur
    Stan is Google’s dinosaur. Looking at these search photos today, we often see the stands dressed up.Here he was dressed for the US Army, Air Force, etc., perhaps for better

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