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British military Twitter and YouTube accounts compromised to encourage crypto scams

The British military is investigating an apparent attack after their official Twitter and YouTube accounts were hacked Sunday. The news of the breach was first . According to the blog, both accounts were hacked at the same time to support two different cryptocurrency scams.

Although it has since been cleared, the military’s verified Twitter account was briefly modified to appear as a page. A project containing a collection of 10,000 animated NFTs (about $1,063). During that time, the account tweeted multiple links to a fake money-printing website. It is possible that the attack was part of a wider campaign to capitalize on The Possessed’s recent popularity. On Saturday, the project’s official Twitter account Followers of another verified account that has been similarly hacked for promoting an NFT scam using the brand The Possessed.

British army YouTube channel

Web3 Goes Great

The army’s channel on YouTube was made to look like a page. . At the time of this writing, the channel is offering livestream videos that reuse old footage from Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, and Ark CEO Katie Wood discussing cryptocurrency. The clips have an overlay that promotes “double your money” Bitcoin and Ethereum scams. By a similar scheme clarified scammers . It is unclear who is behind the attacks.

“We are aware that the military’s Twitter and YouTube accounts have been breached, and an investigation is underway,” a spokesperson for the Army said. . “We take information security extremely seriously and are solving the problem. It would not be appropriate to comment further until the investigation is complete.”

While 2022 has seen its share of crypto attacks, few have targeted government organizations like the British military. To date, most have included groups like Yuga Labs, creators of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection. In April, the project’s official Instagram account shared a . BAYC’s Discord community also dropped in 2022.

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