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according to Sales report, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 The foldable segment is the mainstream. This is the dawn of a new segment of the phone. If you’re already on the move and have one of these latest foldables, you’ll need to protect it with a case.

Unlike Apple iPhone 13 Best Case Or even Galaxy S22Due to the latest release and unique design, the number of companies making cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is relatively small, so there are few options to choose from. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With unprecedented competition and customer elimination of excess, the choice from available cases focuses on functionality, grip and uncompromising style. Update this list to try more cases to help you find the case for your dream Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (yes, I’ve tried all the cases in this list).

Does the Galaxy Z Flip 3 case protect the entire phone, including the hinges?

Most of the cases of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are divided into two, and there are not many cases that cover or protect the hinge. In conversations with case makers, designing a case that provides complete hinge protection is a design challenge. But if that’s what you’re looking for, some of these picks will protect the hinges.

Is there a screen protector for the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

No, Samsung does not sell screen protectors for the main front screen of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. If you put something on it. However, there are some screen protectors for mini-exterior displays.

Is wireless charging possible in all cases?

In most cases, but not all of this list, you can charge the ZFlip 3 wirelessly with the case turned on. If you have an integrated kickstand, especially if it’s made of metal, you may need to remove the case to charge your phone wirelessly. That’s a shame-for the Z Flip 3, I like the case with an integrated kickstand.

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Spigen’s Thin Fit is available in three colors. The two-piece design is soft to the touch. It’s a simple and lightweight case that looks great on your phone. There is no hinge protection.

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Speck created only one case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which is a good case. The Presidio Perfect-Clear Fold has 13 feet of fall protection and no hinge protection, but it’s the most protective clear case I’ve tried. Grab this flip cover and give it a try. It’s sold out on Speck, but you can buy it on Amazon.

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I liked Samsung’s silicone cover with ring. It’s protective, feels good, and has a built-in ring that helps prevent you from dropping your phone. You can also clip the ring to the strap and hang it around your neck. Unfortunately, I could have used a ring on a particular surface to support the phone, but if I converted it to a kickstand, I would have liked the case even more.

The case comes in multiple colors.

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The Gear4 Bridgetown case shares some similarities with Spigen’s Tough Armor case (see below). It’s also a tough case, offered only in black and with some excellent hinge protection. One of the best protective cases for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. I wish I could get it in more colors or in a clear version.

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Otterbox creates only two cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. ThinFlex and this is SymmetryFlex. Unfortunately, the Thin Flex Series feels cheap and once worn makes it difficult to get off your phone. However, the sturdy and attractive Symmetry Flex qualifies as the top case for the Z Flip 3. This is a translucent case with a black border around it, which makes your phone stand out a bit while providing excellent fall protection. I wish more colors came out.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G leather cover is the equivalent of Apple’s leather case for the iPhone. It’s expensive, but nice-and slim. It’s not as protected as some of the cases on the list, but it’s one of my favorites, and it’s easy to find a phone when you get it in a bright color like mustard. There are also green and black. The biggest knock on it is that it’s expensive, but Samsung discounted it to at least $ 40.

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It has the same feel as a Samsung ring case, but with a built-in strap instead of a ring. Slide your hand under the strap (and behind the phone). This allows you to grab and hold the phone without actually wrapping your finger around it. It’s essentially a security strap. The strap provides some protection for the hinge when you fold the phone. In addition, you can attach the end of the strap to the strap or clip it to another strap (such as a bag or backpack).

Apart from having some practicality, the strap also seems to be designed to get some attention to your phone. For better or for worse, it does exactly that, so if you use this case, plan to ask people about your phone. There are several colors.

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Spigen creates some cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 3. As the name implies, Tough Armor is durable and the most protected on Spigen’s line. It’s also the only Spigen case with a built-in hinge protection cover.

As far as the protective case is concerned, this is one of the best, it just doesn’t have an integrated kickstand. I hope more colors will come out. For now, black is the only option.

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Part of Spigen’s AirSkin case line, the Crystal Clear version is a slim clear case that provides basic protection. There is glue to prevent the case from slipping off the phone (as you can see in the picture, I didn’t pull on the small tab to expose it). It’s hard to keep dust particles out of the case when you put it down-and if you have a black phone like me, those dust particles will show up Will be done.

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Because the aramid fiber is Kevlar in nature, this case is durable yet slim. It has a soft finish and is easy to grip. It looks simple and expensive, but many people like this case. The Z Flip 3 weighs (and size) very little and seems to be protected.

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It’s not a phone case in itself, but if you’re looking for additional protection on the Z Flip 3’s external display, Spigen sells a two-pack external screen protector. It fits the display around the lens and on the back and best pairs with the Spigen case, but it should work fine in most cases. (Not all Z Flip 3 case notches around the rear display have the same dimensions.)

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Zagg brings a line of Invisible Shield screen protectors to the Z Flip 3’s external screen. This is probably the smallest screen protector Zagg has ever made. But it somehow costs as much as the screen protector it makes for a much larger screen.

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If you’re looking for an affordable case with an integrated ring that transforms into a kickstand, this Vego is a good option, but on the surface it looks more premium than it really is. It is also sold under other brand names on Amazon. I don’t know how it will last over time, but it does have some great features, such as a sliding cover to protect your phone’s camera and sticking to a magnetic car mount. One of the major drawbacks is that it doesn’t support wireless charging.

Please note that certain color options are currently 25% off (blue version is available for just over $ 11 excluding tax).

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