Best Home Office Furniture 2022: Upgrade Your Space

Working from home is more common than ever.But many of the lucky ones work remotely I’m still optimizing my home office desk.

Most of us ZDNet I’ve been working at home for years. We have a wealth of experience not only in the transition to working from home, but also in building an optimal work environment. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best office furniture that we are confident that we can truly optimize productivity. Certainly there are more expensive options and cheaper ones. Shown here are really good options that should help whatever your home office looks like.

Bali Electric Standing Desk

Overall best option

Bali Electric Standing Desk


Vari Electric considers it to be the best home office furniture option, thanks to its versatility and high praise from reviewers. This desk can be transformed quickly from 25.5, allowing you to move from sitting to standing while you work. Inches up to 50.5 inches in height.

This desk is ideal for individuals up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. Choose from a 30-inch wide 48-inch or 60-inch long desktop. It can handle up to 250 pounds of weight and has a motor that operates below 45 decibels.

The Vari Electric Standing Desk has five colors as well as stunning wood finishes such as butcher blocks, recycled wood and dark wood.

Strong Points:

  • Very stable design
  • Programmable controls
  • Custom colors and designs

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • No keyboard tray
  • Expensive model

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Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair

Best ergonomic chair option

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair


If you have an ergonomic office symbol, it’s the Aeron chair. Herman Miller, part of the office ACANA since 1994 Tweaked the design a few years ago To raise it to modern standards. Since I saw it last, the price is also down.

Aaron is not only a design icon, but also a chair that many experts swear by its spine and posture support, pelvic support, adjustable lumbar support, and breathable back mesh. If you claim that your office chair has a headrest, you can add one of the many chairs available on Amazon. This oneIt is also a classic design by Atlas.

Strong Points:

  • Different types of support for your body
  • Symbolic design
  • Super comfortable

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • Super expensive
  • No headrest

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The best desk accessories Clamp-on Monitor Shelf

The monitor stand may seem less special, but if you’re trying to reclaim desk space or need space for your keyboard, the monitor stand is a big advantage. Over the years, I’ve seen a stand that sits on a desk and just lifts, which is new and cool.

A shelf that can be added to a desk by fixing it to the back or side of the desk. It will be temporary, but structurally powerful. Furthermore, it is large enough to store not only the monitor but also other gears. You can also secure space for the keyboard under the monitor.

Strong Points

  • An easy way to level up your desk setup
  • cheap
  • Clip it onto your desk, not just sit on it


  • Make sure the clamp fits your desk

Varier VariablePlusBalans Kneeling Chair

Best alternative seating option

Varier VariablePlusBalans Kneeling Chair


Kneeling chairs are more ergonomic than desk chairs because they reduce posture tilt and relieve back pain. However, if you are not completely familiar with the concept of a kneeling chair, this chair option can be a big compromise. This chair has a slightly smaller seating angle, making it a great introduction to kneeling chairs. It also has additional backrest support so you can lean on the backrest you’re used to in a desk chair.

This chair allows you to sit in a much wider range than the average kneeling chair (for example, with your feet on the floor, with your back to the back and tilt your chest) and always find comfort. can do. Like the other options on this list, it also rocks back and forth.

Strong Points:

  • There is also back support
  • Classic Norwegian design
  • Other ways to sit

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • Limited color options
  • Not adjustable

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Leermart Adjustable footrest

Great for additional comfort

Leermart Adjustable footrest


Getting foot support can be important when sitting in front of a computer for hours at a time. The Apple Watch can remind you to wake up and walk around every hour, but after working for a few hours, you may still feel the need for better support.

It is also one of the best footrests on the market as it doubles as a leg rest. If you want to stretch your legs over 5 minutes, you can. It can also be adjusted to different positions to support any part of the lower limb that needs help.

Strong Points:

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable for easy use in a variety of ways
  • Helps improve posture

Cons: Disadvantages:

  • Challenging setup
  • Make sure it is clipped firmly

What features should I look for in office furniture?

From chairs to desks to desk accessories, there are many types of office furniture to add to your space. But the main thing to look for when considering office furniture is how something can be made easier. Look for comfortable features, high quality designs and products that will take your workspace to the next level and increase your productivity.

What is the best office furniture?

The best office furniture we chose was the Vari Electric Standing Desk, which allows you to easily change your work position. However, all of the options on this list are great for adding comfort and productivity to your workspace. In reality, it depends on what you are looking for.


if you want…

Bali Electric Standing Desk

Standing desk option

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Comfortable and ergonomic desk chair

Clamp-on monitor shelf

Effectively lift your laptop, computer, or monitor

Varier VariablePlusBalans Kneeling Chair

Another seating option that can improve your posture

Leermart Adjustable footrest

Added comfort to your feet while sitting at your desk

How did you choose these office furniture options?

We made these choices based on both in-depth product research and our own experience of using them in home office setups. When choosing these products, we considered price, purpose, special features, and more.

Are there alternative office furniture options to consider?

There are some other things to look for:

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