Are you ready for the seats of the worst economy class aircraft in the world?

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Is it worse than this? Of course it is possible.

Airlines have a difficult relationship with comfort.

As long as those customers pay more for it, they want them to have it.

However, airlines have a higher priority. These tend to involve making as much money as possible. This is accompanied by the unpleasant idea that customers can secure a small step in a seat that is thinner than the politician’s idea.

Last week, an aircraft interior expo was held in Hamburg. Here we see if we can find new, more informative ways to get together wise, wise and undisturbed people and put more people in thin tubes.

One of the more inspiring ideas was to put the customer in an overhead locker. More precisely, at the height of an overhead locker, if it was still there.

Here is the design of a two-story economy class seat. It’s a nice concept. If you are at the top of the seat, you can feel really empty and return the seat to the blissful air without the threat of aggressive knee movements from the person behind you.

However, if you’re under the seat, the view isn’t very clean. Your face is at the bottom height owned by the person in front of (and above) you. This can have gaseous consequences.

Still, you will have more feet, even if it may be really difficult to get out of the middle seat. And what if the seats downstairs were really cheap?

But was this really the worst seating idea at the Expo?

I am unjustly grateful Flightradar24 For Post something that gives you a big pause, not a little nausea..

For this, there was another proposed economy class seat design. The sheet appears to have been purchased at the village’s craft trade fair. It seems that it was originally intended as a deck chair before the creators came up with better ideas. Or maybe there is too much fabric.

The whole looks thin. It has an integrated headrest and is smart enough to look like no headrest at all.

You may immediately wonder which level of Beelzebub will put such a seat on their plane.

I realize that some airlines think about it and may declare these seats lighter. Therefore, less fuel is burned. Alright, let’s save the earth.

However Flightradar24 suggest These seats aren’t that light, but they can be very, very cheap.

Also, do you think the manufacturers are actually taking steps to authorize these seats?

Perhaps you are still telling yourself, “It will never happen.” But how often did you say that in the last few years and soon discover that it happened?

And no one was arrested for it.

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Watch the video here: Are you ready for the seats of the worst economy class aircraft in the world?

Are you ready for the seats of the worst economy class aircraft in the world?