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Airbnb bans party houses permanently

Airbnb has announced that it is permanently banning all parties and events at host properties around the world. This follows the 2020 temporary ban it has imposed on house parties to comply with COVID-related social distancing restrictions. “Over time, the party ban has become much more than a public health measure,” Airbnb said. blog post. “It has become a core community policy to support our hosts and their neighbors.”

Airbnb had already banned “chronic party houses” in 2019 after a Halloween attack in California that resulted in five deaths. It later banned all “open invitation” house parties, but still allowed invite-only parties in single-family residences. However, these are also now banned under penalty of account suspension or complete removal from the platform.

On a more positive note, Airbnb has lifted the 16-person occupancy limit that was also imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s because certain properties, “from castles in Europe to vineyards in the US to large beachfront villas in the Caribbean,” can easily accommodate more than 16 people, “properties like this are successful at hosting multi-generational family outings and larger groups,” he said. He added that it was.

The company operates a whistleblower hotline that allows neighbors or others to report the parties. Airbnb noted that it saw a 44 percent drop in the rate of party reports after the ban was implemented in 2020, and suspended nearly 6,600 guest accounts for violating the policy last year.

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