5 Best PS5 External Hard Drives in 2022

These products were categorized after careful examination of the specifications and reviews of each product. That said, most of these products are very strong candidates in other categories.

The WD_BLACK 5TB P10 hard drive is currently the best storage component for PS5. The price, storage capacity and rugged appearance make it ideal for hardcore gamers. However, the SAMSUNG Portable SSD T7 was a competitor for the top spot. SAMSUNG products have impact resistance, easy format, sophisticated small design, but only 1TB. If you don’t have a lot of games and need additional storage, this is worth it if you’re willing to pay extra.

Seagate Portable 5TB external hard drive can be connected to most of your devices. In addition, Toshiba Canvio Gaming 2TB external hard drive is compatible with most devices, but cheaper. Finally, the small size of the WD 5TB Elements Portable HDD makes it perfect for this size. It takes up less space on your desk, your bag or anywhere else you might take it.

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5 Best PS5 External Hard Drives in 2022