2022 Porsche Macan Review: Base model is just right

In 2022, the Macan gets a slightly modified look, but it remains a handsome SUV. LED lights are fully standard equipment, and the front and rear bumpers are a little different than before. Several wheel choices are also new, offering rollers with a diameter of 21 inches.

Inside, the Macan has a backlit center console, similar to what Porsche offers in Cayenne and Panamera. I also have a 10.9 inch touch screen that runs the Porsche Communication Management Infotainment System, but strangely, it’s not the latest version of PCM. Sure, the whole system is very responsive, but the menu structure is a bit complicated and Android Auto compatibility.wireless Apple CarPlay At least, the charging pad costs $ 270, but it’s standard.

Overall, the Macan’s interior isn’t bigger or smaller than it used to be, and the cargo area is actually one of the most compact in its class. Porsche says there is 25.8 cubic feet of space behind the backseat, while there is only 17.6 cubic feet of space behind the backseat. Audi Q5 And almost 29 cubic feet BMW X3 When Genesis GV70.. However, when the seat back is folded flat, the Macan has 52.9 cubic feet of space, which isn’t too bad.

Thankfully, Macan’s performance makes up for the shortcomings of the cabin. The 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 engine is small but powerful. It pushes 261 hp and 295 lb-foot torque-an increase of 13 hp and 22 lb-foot compared to the 2021 Macan 2.0T. All-wheel drive is standard and launch control is active, similar to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission-part of the optional Sport Chrono package-Porsche says this Macan will scoop up to 60mph in 5.8 seconds. say. Not bad for a base model.

Macan’s multimedia system does not yet support Android Auto.

Emehall / CNET

The Sport Chrono is just one of many options you can add to your base Macan and I think it’s worth the upgrade. This $ 1,220 add-on offers a separate drive mode that allows you to set your own parameters for the powertrain and chassis, as well as a sports response button that keeps the Macan completely boiled for 20 seconds. This is great for passing slow pork on the highway. ..

Still, even in Porsche’s preset mode, Macan is a pleasure. The steering is light and direct-maybe a bit too light for my taste-and I shift down in Sport Plus mode when the transmission hangs near the red line and brakes. I love you. Even with a 2.0-liter engine, the Macan is full of energy.

This SUV is great while toddling around the city. The turbo engine powers smoothly and the transmission shift is never jerky. The suspension is well tuned and the potholes do not interfere with my cool and collected experience. But not everything is perfect. If the driver assistance feature is on the required list, be prepared to open your wallet. Lane change assist is $ 700, lane keeping assist is $ 800, and surround view camera is $ 1,200.

The Macan may be less efficient than its rivals, but it’s much more fun to drive.

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But the worst possibility of Macan may be its fuel economy. The EPA has given this compact SUV a total rating of 19 mpg city, 25 mpg highway, and 21 mpg. During the week of testing, I see 22.8 mpg, but when I look at the competitors, the Macan looks like a gas guzzler. The Audi Q5 with a 2.0-liter turbo engine gets a 29mpg highway, and the 4-cylinder version of the BMW X3, Genesis GV70, Mercedes Benz GLC300 and Volvo XC60 gets 28mpg. And Macan is at least $ 10,000 higher than all those competitors. pain.

But that may not be a value proposition, but after the road winds, there is no small SUV handle like the Macan. A sharp, sporty yet practical 4-cylinder Macan is a true Porsche.

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