2022 Kia K5 GT-Line Review: Excellent Drive and Much Value

As the name implies, GT-Line is not a full fat GT that suppresses the horsepower that shatters the front tires. Instead, it’s all about maintaining the look, and in that sense, I’m a fan. The K5 looks great with the same aggressive bumpers, wheels, grilles and spoilers as the GT, combined with the $ 445 Wolf Gray painting process. The tapered rear silhouette is attractive, and Kia’s new logo easily blends in.

Internally, I’m wondering how the K5 GT-Line can keep its base price so low. The new red “leather” option on the sedan feels pretty expensive for a free choice, and it’s completely vegan, so it doesn’t overwhelm your conscience. Sure, there are some examples of hard plastics, but they’re mostly in the bottom panel and my hands don’t come off too much. The cabin layout is simple and offers plenty of physical buttons and switches that are easy to use without distractions. The backseat may not have the space under your feet like the Honda Accord, for example, but the fastback style roofline may frustrate tall passengers, but it’s enough for a 6-foot frame. It is the size.

The K5 GT-Line is easy to use and has excellent storage capacity. The door pocket is large enough to hold all kinds of receipts and other detritus, but the center console has a climate-controlled cubie and armrest in addition to a standard wireless device charger that relies on clever drops. Provides a medium pocket underneath-style to avoid unnecessary cuts. The only problem is that a larger wallet must be placed in the passenger seat or on the floor. Going back, the 16 cubic feet capacity of the trunk is more than enough, one of the largest in this segment.

Kia has always been a leader in Cabin Tech, especially in the low cost of arms and legs, and we are happy to report that this is still the case. In 2022, the K5 GT-Line (and later) will come standard with a 10.3-inch touch screen running the latest version of Kia’s infotainment system. Cribbed from Genesis and Hyundai, this telematics getup provides very beautiful graphics and features that are easy to use, such as entering destinations and changing screen brightness. Apple CarPlay When Android Auto It’s a wired issue only, but it’s included. When it comes to charging, thank you for having two USB-A ports in each row, but most of the car world has been upgraded to the faster Type-C.

If you connect to some USB-C ports, the inside of the K5 is basically perfect.

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Gauge clusters are just that: Given the industry’s current preference for shoe-honing a 12-inch screen in front of the wheel, it’s a little older school physical gauge cluster. However, the four physical dials are easy to read at a glance, and the small TFT display between the speedometer and tachometer can provide all the information you need while driving.

All Kia K5s come standard with forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane keeping assistance, automatic high beams and rear seat reminders. GT-Line enhances its suite by adding blind spot monitoring, and the $ 1,900 premium package is further enhanced with Adaptive Cruise Control and Highway Driving Assist, a hands-on system that combines ACC and lanekeeping to hold the car. To do. Highway lanes while pacing the flow of traffic. However, Lane Keep Assist may take some time and effort during normal operation. Also, if you live near a construction area that moves lanes to the other side of the split freeway, be prepared for the car to yell at you about driving the other side of the road every 30 seconds.

The Kia K5 GT offers Stonkin’s 290 horsepower routed through the front wheels, while the GT-Line model makes things more calm. Its 1.6-liter turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder gas engine doesn’t make the best sound at high speeds, but its 180 hp, 195 lb-foot output is more than enough driving force at 99% of the time. The engine is good enough to play, but the 8-speed automatic transmission smoothly changes gears in the background, so I’m at home as well when cruising. The pedals provide the right level of sensitivity to avoid hitting your head.

Performance is important, but so is the fuel economy.

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Under the body, the GT-Line suspension is the same as all other non-GT trims. All K5s are tuned for a slightly sportier side, so the ride quality is attractive enough without any hassle, especially with low trim with small alloys and chunky tire sidewalls. The situation is a bit different as the GT-Line picks up larger 18-inch wheels and relies on thinner 235 / 45R18 Pirelli P-Zero all-season rubber. That said, the body still does a good job of absorbing everything except the sharpest blow to the suspension, where some unwanted noise definitely gets inside. But if you want a sedan that’s a bit more attractive than the one that can pull a lot out of Toyota, the K5 is probably one of the best ways to go. Thanks to the neat steering and just the right amount of body rolls, throwing into the corners is still a lot of fun.

The inclusion of all-wheel drive in the 2022 GT-Line should not have a significant impact on the fuel economy. The AWD GT-Line offers an EPA-estimated 25 mpg city, 33 mpg highway, and 28 mpg combination. It’s just a few ticks away from the FWD model’s 37 mpg highway estimate, and a lighter foot can fill that gap even further. My combined economy of hundreds of miles or more reverberates at 29mpg.

With the sharp styling of the K5, you won’t easily lose your car in the parking lot.

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The average transaction price for a new car is slowly similar to the amount your parents paid for the entire house, 19-dickety-twoThe 2022 Kia K5 keeps things surprisingly affordable. The GT-Line AWD starts at $ 28,685 (including a $ 995 destination fee) and my testers don’t change much and add four options: $ 445 for Wolf Gray Paint, $ 95 for Cargomat, $ 155 for a premium package that adds $ 155 for a carpet floor mat, panoramic roof, LED headlights, more driver aids, and a heated steering wheel. Overall, I’m staring at a $ 31,280 window sticker. This car is almost … no one tells Kia that it’s underrated.

Medium sedans have been a family staple for decades, which means the K5 is a smack dub in a segment filled with some well-established rugged stuff. The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are a bit vanilla, but permanently superior to Kia’s more aggressive styling and driving characteristics. Hyundai Sonata is a cousin of the K5 Kissin, offering much of the same technology in different style shells. Subaru Legacy offers standard all-wheel drive. It can be a perk depending on where you live, but the interior will be a little hurt.

Part of itself or a competitive set, the 2022 Kia K5 is an excellent medium-sized sedan. It’s fun to drive, it’s aggressively priced and its styling is some of the best in the segment. With a lot of safety and infotainment technology, the K5 is a very difficult task to take the lead.

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