2022 Honda Civic Si Review: Wazu’s entry-level fun

Like its predecessor, the 2022 Honda Civic Si isn’t the shyest sedan in the block. The shades of blazing orange pearls that decorate my tester look absolutely nice in the sunshine and are worth the $ 395 extra. Otherwise, all Sis come standard with a bit that separates the car from the regular Civic (black window trim, matt black 18-inch alloy wheels, large exhaust tip, small rear spoiler). It’s a car that is always good at blending in with the crowd.

The interior of Si also helps to make it stand out, but it’s not the only good way. Enjoyed the Si-specific trim texture and the slippery cloth that decorates the sports seats with integrated headrests. The red accents on the dashboard, door panels and the entire infotainment system are also fun. But do you know what’s not interesting? cold. And Honda (with its infinite wisdom) delete With the 2022 heated seats, buyers in most parts of the country will have to get used to freezing a bit more than competition.

Because the competition offers heated seats. It’s basically the bare minimum.

What I liked about the 2008Si was that it could hold all sorts of junk. The everyday usability of the 2022Si remains high in that respect. The cup holders are large enough, and the door panels, air-conditioned trays, and armrest cubies have plenty of space for random detritus. Offering 14.1 cubic feet of space, the Civic Si clearly lags behind the 19.9 cubic feet of the Volkswagen GTI hatchback, but has about the same cargo capacity as the Hyundai Elantra N-line sedan.

The previous Civic Si powertrain was a bit overwhelming, but Honda has taken steps to mitigate it. In fact, its 1.5-liter turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder gas engine actually produces less output than before. It is 200 horsepower compared to 205 of the output model. But that haircut contains many other adjustments, so you won’t notice it. The 192 lb-foot peak torque reaches 300 rpm faster, providing more urban responsiveness not previously found in peaked Si models. It’s a fun engine to squeeze, but it feels a little better at the top end where the power stays a little longer. I wish the 6,500 rpm red line was higher, but it probably just pinned the days when a naturally aspirated 4-pot screamer knocked on the 8,000 rpm door. This is a very good engine and has won its place in this car.

The Civic Si cabin packs just a few thoughtful upgrades, but the latest Civic interior is a hit no matter what trim it is attached to.

Andrew Crok / Roadshow

The Si comes with a standard 6-speed manual transmission, which is unwavering. The shifter has become one of the best sticks in the entire automotive industry due to its short throw and increased spring load. The standard rev matching system does a better job than my heels and toes, and I’m pleased that Honda brought it from Type R to Si in 2022. Clutch pedal. Bitepoint does not provide feedback via the pedal. Things can drive a bit sloppy by feeling lonely, especially when the radio or bad weather drowns out the engine.

We also need to discuss the ghost of revhang. The 2022 Si has a new single mass flywheel, which is about 26% lighter than the previous flywheel, but after stepping on the clutch with the left foot, the engine is much longer than usual in certain places on the tachometer. Stay. Early or slow throttle applications leave the car feel and sound as if the driver had forgotten how to drive the stick, so upshifts need to be slower and more careful. Given that it is a deliberate addition to reduce emissions, we need to reach out to the aftermarket for a solution. There are many forums that already provide ways to achieve this.

Seriously, I don’t think Honda knows how to design a bad gear lever.

Andrew Crok / Roadshow

But even if you don’t have the ability to shift like a Fast & Furious movie, the 2022 Civic Si can still enjoy a hard drive. Honda has removed the two-mode adaptive damper, but I think the new static setup will provide a great blend of stiffness and compliance in key areas. Aggressive driving feels flat and fun thanks to the stiffer body and suspension contributions from the Type R, but it’s soft and well-structured on rough roads, so everyday driving is perfect. It feels normal. Summer tires are a $ 200 upgrade, a bargain for a good-grip rubber, but the standard 235/40/18 Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tires have enough sidewalls to strike a good blend of performance and ease of use. Provide.

Even if the two-mode adaptive damper is gone, there is a sport mode near the shifter that can be toggled. Sport mode not only improves steering weight and throttle response, but also pipes a little extra fake noise into the cabin and feels less noticeable. This is good because it cannot be disabled. I’m okay to leave the car normal, as the extra throttle response doesn’t always work well with the need for a slow paced upshift, and I think most drivers will. .. In individual mode, if you like heavy steering and light throttle, or vice versa, you can combine them.

Despite being a performance car, the Civic Si’s 1.5-liter engine is extremely efficient. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that this front drive sedan will return a 27mpg city and a 37mpg highway, and I can truncate it with little problem. Lightly touch the throttle. 40mpg is more than just a hopeful idea. That’s not surprising.

Is it a particularly attractive engine? no. But is it exciting and fuel efficient? yes.

Andrew Crok / Roadshow

It’s not surprising that the Civic Si is packed with all the same great safety systems as the more pedestrian brothers. All Sis come standard with Honda Sensing, a suite of active and passive safety aids that includes forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, traffic sign recognition, and rear crossing traffic monitoring. I am. .. Combined with a backup camera that offers decent resolution, it’s not too difficult to keep all sheet metal nice and dent-free.

The 2022 Honda Civic Si has many other great technologies. A 9-inch touch screen is standard. Honda’s infotainment system isn’t my favorite, but it gets better with each iteration. It still takes a while to start each time it starts, but once it’s done, telematics is responsive and easy to move around without distractions. Two USB-A ports are standard equipment on the front, but I would like Honda to combine USB-C for zipper charging.wireless Apple CarPlay When Android Auto It’s also standard and always great. Bose’s sound system isn’t too poor either.

In a grand plan of things, Honda’s infotainment is somewhere in the middle. But in the last few years it has improved dramatically.

Andrew Crok / Roadshow

The 2022 Honda Civic Si is a $ 28,315 performance bargain, including a destination fee of $ 1,015. Throwing my tester’s paint job, the window sticker remains affordable at $ 28,710.base VW GTI It can’t go below $ 30,000 anymore, but again, even the bare minimum S version includes a heated seat and a heated steering wheel. 201 horsepower Hyundai Elantra N Line Although pretty quirky in appearance, its infotainment system is at the top of its popularity, offering heated seats at a starting price of $ 25,395. If you’re willing to approach $ 32,000, 286 horsepower Elantra NIt offers performance that is hard to beat until it reaches the $ 40,000 or higher range occupied by the Golf R and Civic Type R.

Unless you absolutely have to have the warmest tuchus in the tri-state area, the 2022 Honda Civic Si offers a fairly tough package at the top. It’s hard to swing around, but the basic urban commute to the office is elastic and not unpleasant. Its engine can be as exciting or calm as your right foot demands, and it’s excellent in both. And it has a price tag that is very difficult to beat. Sure, all the horsepower heads out there may be aiming for the Type R badge, but anyone looking at value should put the Civic Si at the top of their list.

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