2022 BMW X4 M Competition Review: Made for masochists

Big turbo power

BMW’s 3.0-liter MTwinPower Turbo Inline 6 is the beating heart of the standard X4 M, with 473 horsepower and 457 lb-foot torque through an xDrive all-wheel drive with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission and performance-oriented M Sport rear. Pour in. Differential. With the addition of this model’s $ 7,000 competition package, an additional 30 ponies will join the party. Peak torque also rises to 479lb-ft. A BMW SUV so equipped will launch from 0 mph to 60 mph in a factory-estimated 3.7 seconds. A sports exhaust that opens in sports mode.

The X4 M stops thanks to the BMW M brakes available on the black, red, or blue calipers. The 4-piston front unit and single-piston rear unit grab their respective rotors with a gripping M-compound pad for easy adjustment and quick, consistent shaving.

My example is also equipped with the M Driver’s Package, which raises the top speed of the X4M from 155mph to 177mph. This is only available on trucks. The M Driver’s Package includes a day’s high-performance driving class at the BMW Performance Center to help drivers safely get started on the road. This $ 2,500 upgrade is probably the easiest option to skip. The X4 M does have a race track chop (at least by SUV standards), but most drivers probably don’t shop to track anything in this class. Regularly..

On the road, the EPA estimates that this lower SUV will cruise in a city of 15 mpg, a highway of 20 mpg, and a combination of 17 mpg and a light right foot. After spending most of my testing on the winding hills of Northern California roads, my average remained near the lower end of the spectrum, ending at 15.5 mpg in a week-not particularly impressive, but the fuel economy Probably not near the 500 limit-hp SUV shopper’s desire hierarchy theory.

Too hard, too complicated

The X4 M is mounted on BMW’s Adaptive M suspension, allowing the driver to adjust the ride quality at the push of a button. But in reality, the stiff suspension settings needed to create a top-heavy SUV handle like a true sports car mean that the ride quality is ridiculously solid. In fact, it’s too stiff to skip the ridges in the middle of the corners that are often found on winding roads away, in a slightly scary way as well as unpleasant. The various traction controls and M Sport differential system play a sufficient role in keeping the X4 M from getting too far off the line, but discourages you from actually exploring the limits of your SUV’s handling.

The M1 and M2 preset paddles help you understand the many overlapping drive modes of the X4 M.

Antuan Goodwin / Roadshow

Like the rest of the current M car, the X4 M has multiple drive modes that adjust suspension, throttle, all-wheel drive parameters, and transmission performance.And again, like that brother, it’s just Too many overlapping modes It is confusing when trying to dial the required settings because of the selection. Fortunately, the X4 M has M1 and M2 paddles on the steering wheel that allow you to quickly switch to a particular favorite preset while driving (while parked).

But even in the softest street settings, the X4 M punishes bumps and dents, disturbs passengers in the seats and generally provides an unpleasant experience. Even the M4 competition coupe and convertible are more obedient and comfortable in the city.

The competition spec replaces the badge and grille exterior chrome bright work with dark shadow line trim and upsizes from the standard 20-inch wheels on the X4 M to larger 21-inch M double-spoke wheels with 225 / 40ZR21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S performance tires. To do. The front is up and the rear is wide 265 / 40ZR21. Larger rims and shorter sidewalls increase the agility of the SUV at a significant sacrifice in ride quality.

The X4 M is a bit longer, but boasts less cargo space and less head and foot space for backseat passengers.

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“Sports activity coupe”

The X4 M’s coupe-like roofline cuts into the cabin and cargo space. Compared to the nearly identical, more upright X3 M, the rear seat headroom is about an inch less, and strangely, despite the same 112.8 inch wheelbase, the legroom is 35.5 inches compared to 36.4 inches. Is decreasing to. My guess is that the BMW engineer adjusted the angle of the backseat of the X4 to make up for some of the roofline at the expense of knee space. The X4 M is also 1.5 inches longer from the nose to the tail thanks to a slightly longer rear overhang, but 10 cubic feet shorter (18.5 cubes vs. 28.7) (its rear capacity is the rear seats) compared to the X3 M. 50.5 cubic feet in the folded state.)

In its defense, X4M drivers can boast that their 4,597-pound SUV is 13 pounds lighter than the 4,610-pound X3M. -Slightly better rear weight distribution than the X3M’s 50.1 / 49.9-Neither makes a measurable difference on the road.

The thick D-pillars on the X4 M slightly reduce the visibility of the rear corners. This is compensated to some extent with standard blind spot monitoring and an optional upgraded camera system. Meanwhile, the front view is still excellent, almost the same as that of the X3.

As the coupe-style SUV progresses, the X4M isn’t bad looking.

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Of course, the X4 exists to open a courtroom for SUV shoppers who are willing to sacrifice a bit of practicality for a coupe-inspired style. Given that the M3 sedan has equivalent head and foot space and a trunk that is still ample capacity at 13 cubic feet, it’s a drug that’s hard for me to swallow. It is more agile and comfortable to start.

BMW Live Cockpit Pro and iDrive7 Infotainment

The 12.3-inch LiveCockpit Pro digital instrument cluster running BMW’s latest iDrive7 software and the 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system share display capabilities on the X4M dashboard.Onboard navigation is standard, but drivers can also cast the selected navigation app through the standard to the main screen. Android Auto When Apple CarPlay Wireless or USB-A connection. There is also a USB Type-C port for charging in the center console and the second row.

The most natural way to navigate the infotainment menu is to use the physical iDrive controller in the center console, but you can also interact through the touch screen. gesture Or a voice command with “Hey, BMW” hotword detection. Whatever the method, the system is fun to use with its logically organized menus and quick performance.

The X4 M also comes standard with BMW’s ConnectedDrive Services and Connected Package Pro, and is subscription-based with Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, concierge, emergency service access, and integration with the BMW app built into the infotainment suite. Telematics functionality has been added.

BMW’s latest generation iDrive infotainment is intuitive and flexible.

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Driver Aid Tech

There is no surprise in the safety technology department. The X4M is deployed in a solid suite of standard driver aid technology that matches what is available elsewhere in the BMW lineup. This includes BMW’s Active Driving Assistant forward collision warning technology, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, as well as a standard federally mandated rear camera.

The $ 2,250 executive package in this example upgrades the camera to a 360-degree surround view system and adds a heads-up display that projects speed, navigation, and other useful information onto the windshield.

When tested, there was no $ 1,700 driving assistance professional package to enhance the driving assistance suite with active intervention features such as lane centering assistance, lane change assistance, automatic emergency braking, and avoidance steering assistance. Many of these features are now standard on much cheaper vehicles, so it’s a bit disappointing to have to pay extra, but the nickel and dime options are on par with this European luxury course. is. BMW’s Extended Traffic Congestion Assistant has also been added to the Driving Assistance Pro Package. This is a partially automated steering assist technology that enables hands-free operation on certain approved highways at speeds below 40 mph.

It’s a bit ironic that buyers attracted to the X4 because of its high ride height are exposed to a tougher version of the M-tuned suspension.

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Price and competition

The 2022 BMW X4 M starts at $ 74,395, including the required $ 995 destination fee. Packed with competition, executive, M driver package upgrades, and $ 4,500 in BMW Individual Malachite Green Metallic Paint and Tartufo Extended Merino Leather Interiors. In my example, it has a price tag of $ 90,645.

Shoppers planning to spend more time on public roads than on closed race courses will get more use by checking the Driving Assistance Professional checkbox instead of the M Driver package. Also, stepping down to the X4 M40i may provide better service. The X4M40i boasts ample power (382 hp) and a much more comfortable ride, while being fully equipped and cheaper by about $ 20,000. Audi SQ5 Sportback And that Mercedes AMG GLC43 Coupe It’s also a compelling alternative, making everyday life much easier while lowering the performance and price hierarchy.

If you’re interested in coupe overstyle, the X4 M is a set of handsome wheels, and BMW’s cabin and safety tech is probably the best ever. What’s more, it’s very impressive that BMW has infused this chunky SUV with the soul and agility of a suitable M car. I have a lot to like about the 2022 BMW X4 M competition, but I don’t like it because of the abusive relationship with the spine.

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